In “MEDICAL PLUS” we have effective solutions and guaranteed results with supreme methods for a well-shaped body.

*The SPM™ device revives the traditional cupping method in a modern form. The endermologie massage with the specially designed cups helps the improvement of blood and lymph circulation, increase of cellular metabolism and activation of collagen and elastin production. Therefore, we achieve detoxification, purge of water retention, slimming and firming. It is also used on the face for tightening and eliminating wrinkles.

*The special body treatments include use of cutting-edge product technology for increase of topical metabolism, lymphatic drainage and skin firming combined with specific wrapping technique aiming at right blood and lymph circulation.



Give your skin a silky smooth sensation with a variety of body scrubs. You can choose among different grain consistency and texture, according to your skin type and and the depth of peeling you desire.



A temporary but instant method for hair removal on the whole body and face. The aesthetician chooses the appropriate wax type according to skin/hair type and body region. The skin becomes smooth, with minimum irritations.

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