Geneo+  by Pollogen

The Geneo+ Oxygeneo machine is the perfect solution for those who wish for youthful and healthy skin but want to avoid injection treatments. It combines the 3 most effective skin-enhancing technologies available:

-Oxygeneo : it oxygenates the skin, makes a mild peel and allows the penetration of special nutrients.

-Ultrasound: it increases the skin’s permeability for deeper penetration of nutrients.

-Tripollar Rf:  radiofrequences (RF) stimulate the skin’s regeneration ability and the production of fibroblasts (collagen and elastin) offering firmness, lifting and wrinkle reduction.



The “Ecopeel Diamond” uses specially designed probes with laser-cut diamonds. It is a painless and non-invasive skin reconstruction treatment with spectacular results. It immediately improves the skin’s texture thanks to its deep peeling action while it simulates collagen and elastin production, for intense regeneration and firming. It is suitable for problems such as enlarged pores, pigmentation, acne scars, wrinkles, excessive oiliness, dry/dull/rough skin, photoageing. The skin becomes clean, smooth, tight, elastic and completely renewed.



AHAs, also known as Alpha Hydroxy Acids, have exfoliating properties that enhance the skin’s natural exfoliating process while keeping the whole method totally controllable regarding the strength and depth of the peeling. They offer gentle to medium exfoliation, which reconstructs and revives the skin’s surface. AHAs are used to treat people with fine lines, premature ageing, photoageing, dry/dull skin, prone to acne skin. The face gains radiance and smoothness without irritations, burns and recovery time.

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