It is one of the most popular cosmetic practise worldwide. Its action consists in relaxing specific facial muscles in order to minimize or even stop their contraction and eliminate wrinkles. It is mainly applied on the forehead and around the eyes, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. The face looks well-rested and youthful, without losing its expressiveness.



Hyalouronic Acid is mainly used for filling wrinkles and increasing the lips’ volume. It is the ideal solution for deep wrinkles, especially the nasolabial fold lines (nose-to-mouth wrinkles). Because of its ability to “swell” when infused into the skin, it reduces and/or eliminates the wrinkles’ depth. When applied on the lips, it reshapes their outline, corrects unevenness and gives them volume.



Injection  treatment for   reconstruction and revitalization of the skin. The special peptide, vitamin and Hyalouronic acid formulas provide the skin with all the important substances that have been lost due to ageing or external damaging factors. The skin regains its moisture levels, vitality and glow. It can be applied on the whole face, neck and décolleté, depending on the patient’s needs. In addition, it is a highly effective solution for cellulite, fat loss and firming.



The injectable facelift  with no surgical operation and incisions. The PDO (Polydioxanone) threads are bio-absorbable surgical threads and they have used for many years in Surgery. In Cosmetic Medicine, they are used to create a plexus under the skin which gives support the tissue. Alongside, they stimulate new collagen and elastin production around them, offering gradual tightness and overall improvement of the skin’s quality.


PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma)

The blood’s plasma, after a special process, is ready to be injected and activate regenerative mechanisms, which promote better nutrition and oxygenation to the skin, the proliferation of cells responsible for the production of collagen and elastin, in order to regenerate, increase the firmness and elasticity.

With Autologous Mesotherapy (PRP) the skin is deeply reconstructed, regains its elasticity and regenerates at all levels.

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