It is one of the most basic facial treatments. It removes excess sebum that blocks the pores, detoxifies the skin and helps it absorb face products better and more correctly. Additionally, it is an ideal treatment for acne or acne-prone skin because of puberty, hormonal imbalance or infections. Suitable for men and women of all ages and skin types.



In “MEDICAL PLUS” you will find a variety of cosmetic face treatments than can cover every need- from the most relaxing hydration treatment to the most sophisticated peel. The products being used are of advanced technology and superior quality, in order to offer to every skin age the necessary nutrients for healthy, youthful look.



Microblading is a form of semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo with a very natural result. This technique gives the ability to draw really thin hair-like lines without having any visual difference from the real hair. Suitable choice for anyone with uneven and colourless eyebrows who desire to correct their shape and colour. All  materials are sterile and the pigments are natural and hypoallergenic. A local anesthetic cream is applied before the session, making the process painless.

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